Humanities Heroes – CLIMB Fund

Not-for-profit Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI)

Pictured above: Cindi Rourk, Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Jenkins, Community Development Loan Officer


The CLIMB Fund’s roots are in supporting disadvantaged small businesses to create stable communities and economic opportunity, but they fully recognize that affordable housing is also critical to fulfilling that mission. Pathways to success can depend just as much on where you wake up in the morning as on where you go to work during the day.  That’s why in 2019, through a partnership with the City of Charleston, the CLIMB Fund began lending to affordable housing developments.  Since then they’ve lent over $6 million to 6 affordable housing projects that have created, or will create, more than 400 affordable units.

“The Climb Fund is addressing the need for flexible and affordable capital that helps complete the funding puzzle for affordable housing. Cindy, Jerry, and their team recognize the importance of affordable housing and its impact on the overall economic viability of our community.”

Tracy Doran, Humanities Foundation Co-founder and President

Thank you Climb Fund for being a Humanities Hero!

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