Humanities Heroes – Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey
AmeriCorps Volunteer

Grace has served as an AmeriCorps Family Navigator for Humanities Foundation since January 2021. She has assisted in the administration of emergency financial assistance to over 150+ families through Shelternet and provided critical needs outreach to the Tri-County community and the Foundation’s resident relations programs. Grace’s member services have enabled further financial stability across the Tri-County area for individuals of low income when needed most. Grace graduated from Berry College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Management and is a strong advocate for community outreach. More particularly in food insecurity, senior care and youth services. Humanities Foundation was selected by Trident United Way as the community partner and hosting site recipient for Grace’s AmeriCorps member services via a capacity building grant for rapidly growing programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Graceful, radiant, admirable, chic, and ebullient…those are the words I would use to describe Grace!! Since her first day of AmeriCorps service, Grace has hit the ground running!! She has been such a valuable member to our team and the community she services. It has been AMAZING to watch the impact she has made in her community. But it’s not just her work-her attitude and fit with the team are exceptional as well. It’s a privilege to work with her, and as the program is coming to an end…I’m looking forward to seeing her continue to do great things in the tri-county area and #GetThingsDone the AmeriCorps way.”
-Angelina Williams, Trident United Way AmeriCorps Program Manager

Thank you Grace for being a Humanities Hero!

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