Seven Farms Apartments – From “NIMBY” to “Good Neighbor”

“This is a special place if, in the final analysis, it’s shared, if we work affirmatively knowing we’ve done something for the greater good to make sure affordable housing is provided for Daniel Island.” ~ Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. 

15 Years Later…

Seven Farms Apartments is a shining example of strong housing policy, neighborhood engagement, and solid management overcoming the negative stigma often associated with affordable housing. “NIMBY”, not in my backyard, is an ongoing issue. Humanities Foundation strives to create high-quality affordable communities that enhance the lives of our residents and improve the communities in which we develop. It is vital that as an industry we share our success stories and highlight affordable communities that withstand the test of time. The support of the Daniel Island Community over the past 15 years is a wonderful example of how inclusion creates a stronger sense of place.

Seven Farms Apartments, the first housing tax credit development on Daniel Island, a planned community in the City of Charleston, was met with fierce opposition. After a tough “NIMBY” battle and a strong advocacy campaign the apartments broke ground and were placed in service in December of 2006. The apartments house 72 families in a beautiful neighborhood setting where the children can ride their bikes to school and enjoy the many parks and amenities the island has to offer. Seven Farms Apartments won the 2010 Development of the Year award from SC Housing and has been changing lives on Daniel Island for 15 years. 

“I was the Neighborhood Services Director for the City of Charleston during the Seven Farms Apartments approval process in 2005 and remember the divisiveness in the Daniel Island community over the proposal.  I have been in charge of the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association since 2012 and can say, without a doubt, that the success of the Seven Farms Apartments has been key to the ability of Daniel Island to have a stronger sense of neighborhood character, inclusiveness and sense of community, principles which guided the development of the Island since day one.” ~ Jane Baker – President, Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association

“As the pastor at Holy Cross Church I have been incredibly blessed by being a neighbor to  the Seven Farms Community. What began as a chance for me and our church members to serve the folks living there has become so much more. Many of the residents are now our dear friends, and we love being a part of their lives. We have laughed with them, grieved with them, learned from them and shared our lives together, and I hope and pray this will continue for many more years to come. Their presence is such an asset to us and to the whole Daniel Island community.” ~ Pastor Jonathan Bennett of the Holy Cross Church of Daniel Island 

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