ShelterNet Program Receives $5,000 Grant From Boeing

Humanities Foundation receives a $5,000 grant award from The Employees Community Fund of Boeing. We are most grateful for this support of our ShelterNet program.

ShelterNet was created in 1995 to help provide emergency financial assistance. The fund pays one-time costs such as rental/utility deposits, overdue rent or mortgage payments if the recipient can demonstrate an ability to otherwise make ends meet. To date, ShelterNet has assisted over 40,000 people who were at risk of losing their utilities or of being evicted from their homes in the Tri-county area around Charleston. “By helping with past due rent and utilities, ShelterNet prevents the people from becoming homeless or helps them to return to stable housing if they are already homeless,” Tracy Doran, President of Humanities Foundation.

The Employees Community Fund of Boeing (ECF) is a unique employee giving program that allows employees to support the needs of the local community in an impactful way. Boeing’s ECF is the largest employee-managed fund in the world.

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