The “Forgotten Middle”

Humanities Foundation repositions Magnolia 61 and Hampton West
to meet the housing needs of the “Forgotten Middle.”


The “Forgotten Middle” refers to middle income individuals who make too much money to qualify for subsidized housing but make too little to afford market rate housing in their community. From millennials to seniors the middle income are forgotten in the current housing policy. This has been exacerbated by the financial strain many people have been under since COVID-19 began. Seniors with fixed incomes are especially impacted by rising rents and housing cost. Millennials who entered the workforce at the end of the Great Recession struggle with rent affordability, especially in urban centers. Developers are unable to make projects pencil out due to the lower rents needed to serve this population and the high cost of land and construction.  Humanities Foundation has addressed this gap in affordability by repositioning two aging Tax Credit properties into newly renovated housing with rents at 80 to 100% of the Area Median Income (AMI) rents. The properties were taken through the Qualified Contract Process and through self-imposed rental restrictions we are ensuring that affordable housing is preserved. At the same time the Foundation is creating new replacement affordable housing opportunities for very low to moderately low income individuals and families. In markets where the properties are at maximum rents and in need of extensive repairs and replacement of roofs, HVACs, siding, etc., a creative solution to recapitalization must be utilized. Humanities Foundation evaluates each property in our portfolio and determines the best way to address the capital needs and the ongoing financial viability of the property. In markets with high AMI rents and the ability to increase rents within the program restrictions, there are additional options to refinance and rehabilitate aging properties.

MAGNOLIA 61 Welcome to Magnolia 61, a charming community in West Ashley for middle income seniors with rents at 80% of AMI and below. Totally renovated, contemporary one-and two-bedroom Apartment Homes with freshly modernized kitchens to include granite counter tops and stainless appliances. Washer/Dryer connections are in every apartment home.

HAMPTON WEST Newly renovated Hampton West is home to middle income individuals with rents from 80-100% of AMI.  These studio and one-bedroom apartments are located in the beautiful historic area of Charleston. 

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