Help and Hope to Prevent Homelessness

Humanities Foundation’s ShelterNet helps families and individuals who have suffered a crisis or setback by providing emergency financial assistance to enable them to stay in their homes or to prevent the loss of essential utility services such as gas, power or water.

“…I could not have helped my client and her family keep their home without you. I am so glad we have wonderful agencies like yours around…” – Christi Crockett, Charleston County DSS

Did you know it takes as little as $300 to keep a family from losing their home, but as much as $3000 to move them back into a home once they become homelessness?

ShelterNet was created in 1995 to help prevent homelessness by providing emergency financial assistance. The fund pays one-time costs such as rental/utility deposits, overdue rent or mortgage payments if the recipient can demonstrate an ability to otherwise make ends meet.

ShelterNet receives referrals for financial assistance from social service and mental health agencies, programs for the aging, as well as from hospitals, schools, churches, nonprofit organizations, and other resources who work with low-income families and individuals in need.

But We Can’t Do it Alone…

ShelterNet depends on contributions from members of the community to support our efforts to keep our neighbors in their homes. To date over 50,000 people have been assisted.

Every single donation has an immediate impact – donations made today help prevent a family from becoming homeless or losing their utility service tomorrow.

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ShelterNet staff works directly with local agencies to provide emergency financial assistance to families and individuals with incomes at or below 50% of the area median income (AMI) who have temporarily fallen behind on their bills, or are homeless and need help moving into an apartment.

Assistance can be provided once every twelve months. ShelterNet funds are raised through private donations, foundations and government block grants. ShelterNet does not accept applications directly from clients – all applications must be received from participating referral agencies. Assistance checks are written to and mailed directly to the billing source, not the client.

What We Can Help With

Rent | Rental Security Deposits | Mortgage Payments | Utilities | Utility Deposits

What We Cannot Help With

Telephone Bills | Food or Clothing | Cable TV | Medicine or Medical Expenses | Car Payments or Car Insurance | Credit Card Bills | Home Repairs

Referral Procedures for those seeking emergency assistance from ShelterNet:

  • Contact one of the ShelterNet Referral Organizations to complete the ShelterNet application form (See listing on the next tab). Clients seeking assistance should not contact ShelterNet directly, as we will not be able to assist them in this way.
  • Referrals must include: a picture ID, proof of gross monthly income from all family members currently employed, and copies of the delinquent utility bill, disconnection notice, or eviction notice.
  • The client must sign all application paperwork.
  • The ShelterNet Referral Organization will fax the application and documentation materials to (843) 972-1711
  • Assistance checks are mailed to the billing source, usually within about 10 business days. Checks will not be sent to the client.


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Humanities Foundation would not be able to succeed in its mission to build community through affordable housing without the support of the many generous individuals, corporations and families who have already recognized the importance of providing safe and affordable housing and have given through donations, volunteer work or advocacy. Please join us!

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